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Bespoke adventure camper costs a whopping $420K

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It’s ready to go anywhere

The Mercedes G 320 CDI MJ 2007 from Germany-based Orange Work.
All photos courtesy of Orange Work

The world of fancy, custom-built adventure rigs just keeps getting more impressive, with outdoor lovers paying top dollar for the mobile home of their dreams. And while the latest one to catch our eye can’t hide a sports car or spin like some motorhomes, it’s still quite striking.

Made by custom truck builder Orange Work in Germany, the Mercedes Orange Work Lennson 3C Camper has been making the rounds thanks to its bright yellow color and jaw-dropping price tag. The 220-horsepower overlander will cost you $420,000. Yup, this thing goes for as much as a house in most parts of the country.

The camper boasts permanent four-wheel-drive, a three-liter turbo diesel V-6 engine, 18-inch ground clearance, and a suspension that can take you anywhere you want to go. Inside, there’s 6’3” of headroom, a shower, two-burner gas range, a fridge and freezer, and plenty of water tanks. The walnut veneer takes inspiration from high-end yachts, and the dining area features a drop-down table that transforms into a full-size bed. The driving area completes the look with a separate cockpit featuring black and red leather seats.

The whole thing is an interesting--and colorful—take on high-end rigs, but we have to wonder: For this much money, shouldn’t there be something more? A helicopter pad that folds out from the top, perhaps? Or maybe a hidden solar hot tub that emerges with a push of a button? What’s the point of these over-the-top rigs if they don’t throw in that extra (unreasonable) amenity? In comparison, this pricey camper seems downright pedestrian. Let us know your take in the comments.