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27 cool airport amenities, in order of increasing absurdity

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Watch out for these the next time you fly

A view of the slide at Changi International Airport in Singapore. The slide is suspended from a high ceiling.
Singapore boasts the world’s tallest airport slide.

We’ve already published an ode to gorgeous airport architecture. Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the wondrous airport amenities found around the world—from the sweet and wild to the weird and simply fun. Without further ado, here are some of the most notable examples we could track down, loosely listed in order of increasing outrageousness.

Did we miss your favorite airport attraction? Please share below in the comments.

1. Therapy dogs (Various airports, including those in Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Charlotte)

2. Therapy horses (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport)

3. Therapy pig! (San Francisco International Airport)

4. Rocking chairs (Various airports)

5. Yoga room (San Francisco started it in 2012, now it’s in Chicago, London, and Frankfurt, and more)

6. Pool/gym/spa (Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar)

7. Bike-powered device charging stations (Brussels Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, among others)

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8. Slot machines (McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, obviously)

9. Regular live music (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Portland International Airport, among others)

10. Iconic carpeting (Portland International Airport)

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11. Hobbit sculptures! (Wellington International Airport)

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12. And really all kinds of art (All around the world!)

13. “Oxygen bar” (Narita International Airport in Japan, Calgary International Airport in Canada)

14. Hot spring (New Chitose Airport in Japan)

15. Beer garden (Munich International Airport)

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16. Simulation golf (Hong Kong International Airport)

17. Library (Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan)

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18. LED light tunnel (Detroit Metro Airport)

19. Four-story brachiosaurus skeleton (Chicago O’Hare International Airport)

20. Cultural museums (Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

21. Tour of supersonic jet Concorde (Manchester Airport in the U.K.)

22. Gin distillery (London Gatwick Airport)

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23. Tallest airport slide (Changi Airport in Singapore)

24. Aquarium (Vancouver International Airport)

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25. Gardens for butterflies, orchids, sunflowers, water lilies, cacti (Changi International Airport in Singapore)

26. Dentist (São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport)

27. Archery deer hunting (Pittsburgh International Airport; okay, you will have to leave the airport for this one.)