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This modular urban gardening system can create all sorts of planters

The system’s six basic elements enables the construction of a wide range of planter designs

modular urban gardening system Husum & Lindholm

Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum have reworked their Ikea-born Growroom pavilion to create an even simpler and more versatile system for constructing urban planter structures. GrowMore is a modular, open-source system made entirely out of CNC-milled plywood. The combination of just six basic plywood shapes and planter boxes can be used to construct any number of unique structures tailored to their setting—from circular “nests” to zig-zagging screens.

The trick is a circular “pivotal joint” that uses M8 bolts to secure elements at different orientations. So the same pieces can be used to create many different designs.

"It's like a Lego system," said Lindholm in an interview with Dezeen. "The parts can be rotated vertically and horizontally, so it's totally flexible. You can really freestyle, and build anything you want."

Husum & Lindholm exhibited three GrowMore pavilions at the Donuimen Museum Village of the Seoul Architecture Biennale in early September. Much like their previous iteration, the instructions will be made available free online for anyone to use. Because the structures’ simple materials are widely available, they can be made nearly anywhere in the world.

Via: Architizer, Dezeen