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Solar-powered cottage is a modern vineyard dream

Modern, minimal, and energy-efficient

solar-powered cottage in Spain Mariela Apollonio via Inhabitat

Designed by Spanish firm Ramón Esteve Estudio, the eco-friendly “Cottage in the Vineyard” is a lovely example of modern architecture thoughtfully designed for its setting. The home’s clean-lined look is composed of a white concrete volume with a pitched roof, attached to a series of pine-clad boxes. The pine-paneled rooms are often open to the outdoors or capped with an enormous pane of glass—helping to blend the outside and inside.

The interior is simple, made with a palette of materials limited to concrete, pine, glass, and leather. Even a set of couches in one open-air room are paneled like the walls. Interior light sources are often hidden within coves where the wall meets the angle of the roof. Aimed upward, the light then reflects off the white concrete ceiling to create a diffused glow throughout the space. Details like these create a serene sense of order and visual simplicity.

Located in a vineyard near Valencia, Spain, the home also boasts a number of eco-conscious amenities, including solar panels for generating electricity, a rainwater harvesting system, natural insulation, and energy-efficient lighting.

“Environmentally, it follows the guidelines for a passive house,” said Ramón Esteve. “Appropriate means are available to take advantage of renewable energy through the use of panels of solar energy, energy supply from biomass or collecting and storing drinkable rain water.”

Via: Inhabitat