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Gorgeous algae-filled chandelier also purifies the air

It’ll make you green with envy

air-purifying algae-filled chandelier All photos by Mike Chino via Inhabitat

We all know of the air-purifying benefits of plants, whether they’re incorporated in green facades or plopped into parks. But a new creation from London designer and biotechnologist Julian Melchiorri has given biological air-filtering a chic new form: algae-filled chandelier.

Sure, sure, algae light fixtures are nothing new. But Mechiorri’s Exhale Chandelier does more than look cool as a cucumber. It harnesses the power of photosynthesis to remove CO2 from the air and produce oxygen. And it looks good while doing it.

The chandelier is made of 70 algae-filled glass leaves connected by nutrient-transporting tubes to a central hub concealing an LED light source. Ambient sunlight and the LED are able to sustain photosynthesis and keep the algae alive, which has the handy side effect of cleaning the air.

The design was recently displayed at the Victorian and Albert Museum where it won the 2017 Emerging Talent Medal at the London Design Festival.

Via: Inhabitat