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This modular tiny house is controlled via smart TV

The Beijing home is a modern take on the traditional Chinese hutong

Photos by Dot Architects via Dezeen

Over the last few years, we’ve reported on the many ways traditional Chinese hutong courtyard housing has been reimagined: From giant bubbles courtesy of MAD Architects to prefab interventions, the remixes keep on coming.

Now, a courtyard home is getting the smart treatment, courtesy of Chinese studio Dot Architects. In Beijing’s Batasi neighborhood, the firm used open-source architecture platform WikiHouse to create the House of the Future, a tiny home with modular interiors inside a courtyard.

The house, which replaces an existing 30-square-meter (322-square-foot) residence on the site, was constructed as a prototype for tech company Whaley, according to Dezeen, and it sleeps three on fold-down beds built into movable walls. These walls, along with window shades and appliances throughout, can be controlled via a smart television in the unit.

Though the house is certainly tech-forward, and features the clean lines we’ve come to know and love in contemporary homes, its interiors have a classic beauty: Timber beams crisscross the peaked ceiling, and wood-paneled walls meet dark tile floors. Take a full look over at Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen