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Adorable nursery school in Japan has little houses for windows


Japanese nursery school with colorful little house windows Photos by Shigeo Ogawa via Designboom

From the puddle-creating to the sand dune-inspired, we love a design-forward school with some fun built in. That’s certainly the case with this new nursery school completed by Masahiko Fujimori Architects in the Japanese city of Sendai.

Adopting an “urban-style” typology—mainly referring mainly to its verticality—the building features a facade punctuated by colorful pop-out windows, with forms inspired by the simple gabled houses often found in children’s drawings.

“The colorful bay windows communicate the energy and activity inside the building to the surrounding neighborhood, offering the site as a positive symbol for the town and a bond between the children and their local community,” the architects explain.

The same colors are incorporated into the supporting walls on the ground level entrance and can also be experienced inside, where the “little houses” have become more regular square nooks.

The gabled house seems like quite a popular motif in school design—remember this Danish kindergarten made of a series of simple houses, some of which even have house-shaped play areas?

Via: Designboom