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Take hygge to the extreme with this $2,000 rocking chair

Pendleton does more than flannel

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The Gus* x Pendleton GT Rocker costs $1,950.
Via Pendleton

High-priced, unique chairs aren’t an anomaly in the furniture business. We’ve seen a $6,000 office chair and a $47,000 chair made out of aquatic Beanie Babies. Compared to those price tags, the new $1,950 rocking chair from Pendleton looks downright reasonable.

The “limited edition lounge chair” was a collaboration with furniture designers Gus* Modern. Pendleton provided their red and black jacquard fabric atop the Gus* version of a rocking chair: A black, steel powder-coated frame with simple lines and “architecturally-styled cushions.” According to Gus*, the GT Rocker was inspired by airport lounge seating and 70s car interiors.

The normal GT Rocker’s sell for about $1,150, so adding the Pendleton fabric in a red-and-black, Navajo-inspired print adds plenty to the cost. Whether or not you’re convinced the results of this collaboration work in your house, we could see this rocking chair fitting perfectly with the Edison bulbs, reclaimed wood, and $10 lattes at your local hipster coffee shop. What say you to this rocking chair: Yea or nay? Let us know in the comments.