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This wild shipping container house concept will be built in the Cali desert

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Today in the wacky, wonderful world of vacation homes

Ah, the shipping container house. Industrial workhorse turned architectural building block, the shipping container has a serious hold on our collective residential design imagination in the U.S.

But we’d never before seen a shipping container home quite like the one in these strikingly realistic renderings. Set to rise in the desert outside of Joshua Tree, California, this 2,153-square-foot house is the work of London designer James Whitaker, who created the spiky, sea anemone-reminiscent home for a film producer and his wife as the Los Angeles couple’s vacation home.

The rendered interiors are spare, and Dezeen notes that orange seating by Israeli designer Ron Arad are among the few furnishings included. (Whitaker once worked with Arad, so this inclusion is likely a nod at that.) We’ll be watching closely as work progresses, but you can take a look around at the renderings below.

Via: Dezeen