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Ikea begins offering TaskRabbit service for furniture assembly

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Now available in two Ikea stores in California

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Want Ikea furniture but hate assembling it? More help is on the way. Four months after the Swedish flatpack retailer purchased gig-economy startup TaskRabbit in an effort to boost its digital customer service, the first result of that union has emerged and it’s an obvious one.

Customers at two Ikea stores in California—the Emeryville and East Palo Alto locations to be exact—can now book a TaskRabbit “tasker” to help them assemble the store’s furniture at home, Business Insider reports. Once furniture has been purchased, the service can be arranged via the TaskRabbit app, website, or through an in-store Ikea employee. Customers will identify the item they wish to have assembled and receive a quote for the service. The program is expected to roll out nationwide in the coming months.

TaskRabbit, which connects freelance workers with general handyman and home improvement jobs, already had a pilot partnership with Ikea in the U.K. prior to its acquisition and promoted “Assemble Ikea Furniture” as one category of handyman jobs on its platform.

Ikea customers have long complained about tricky furniture assembly, which the company has been addressing through design, namely with new joints that snap together in minutes, no tools required.

Acquiring TaskRabbit, which remains an independent subsidiary, helps Ikea address these customer pain points from a tech-driven, on-demand approach.

In recent years, Ikea has steadily been ramping up its digital competencies, from improving e-commerce to launching an augmented reality home design app with Apple.

Via: Business Insider