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Designer recycles regular glass bottles into sculptural vases

Talk about bottle service—the process involves an oven and an air compressor

green glass bottles become vases Photos by Masha Bakker via Inhabitat

We’ve seen green glass bottles transformed into everything from a house to a fortress, but Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken has recycled the same glassware into...better glass bottles. That’s right. Kuiken is using a fancy oven and an air compressor to turn normal, mass-manufactured bottles into bulbous, one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Displayed at this month’s London Design Festival, each item in Kuiken’s Bottles Collection was made by taking a normal green glass bottle, wrapping it in wire, heating it up in a special modified oven until the glass becomes melty, and using the compressor to blow pressurized air into the vessel until it expands and warps into a unique new shape. Sure, sometimes the bottles cracked or shattered, but eventually Kuiken transformed enough of them into fancy vases.

The project was inspired by flaws and irregularities that Kuiken noticed in commercial glassware. His work attempts to expose and celebrate the flaws and differences between apparently identical bottles.

green glass bottles become vases

Via: Inhabitat