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Modern shingle-covered beach home rises in Nova Scotia

The stunning vacation home has a wall of windows facing the river and marshland beyond

Shingle-style home in Nova Scotia Ema Peter and Doublespace Photography via Dezeen

There’s something comforting about a grand Shingle-style home, especially when those shingles clad a modern, minimalist dream like Sluice Point—a sleek vacation home in Nova Scotia designed by Canadian studio Omar Gandhi Architect. The chic retreat was built for an outdoorsy Swiss family on a site within the oldest “still Acadian” area of the province.

“Formally, the building is inspired by the infamous Acadian saltwater haystacks, which dot the local landscape,” the architect told Dezeen. “Historically, the haystacks allowed for storing hay on the open marshes on structures that kept it elevated and protected from the water when the marshes flooded.”

Jeff Shaw via Dezeen

Sited atop a hill overlooking a marsh, the home is arranged in the shape of a crescent moon curving along the driveway. A thin white rectangular volume serves as the entryway into the home, opening into a large loft-like living room and kitchen.

The walls are paneled in blonde birch paneling with a ceiling covered in slats of spruce. Sparsely furnished, an elegant floating fireplace steals the show, its ovoid shape echoed in the room’s white light fixtures. The exterior walls are entirely windowed, giving off onto the lovely landscape outside. The bedrooms are on either end of the great room, with the master suite leading to an expansive deck.

Via: Dezeen