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Tesla is sending Powerwall home batteries to Puerto Rico

The island is still almost entirely without power after Hurricane Maria

Tesla powerwall home battery
Tesla Powerwall 2.

More than a week after the Category 4 Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, the island with 3.5 million residents is still almost entirely without power, contributing to an unfolding humanitarian crisis. Reports say it could take four to six months before power is restored in the U.S. territory. In the mean time, Tesla has stepped in to help bridge the gap.

The renewable energy company has been sending hundreds of its Powerwall home batteries to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the storm, Fortune reports. A company spokesperson has confirmed that shipments are still ongoing.

First introduced in 2015, with a second generation update in 2016, Powerwall home batteries store power created by solar panels for use at night or as backup supply. In addition to the units themselves, Tesla has also been sending employees to Puerto Rico to help with installing the battery systems, as well as installing and repairing solar panel systems.

Tesla was also able to aid its Florida customers in evacuating from Hurricane Irma earlier this month by temporarily extending the battery range of all Model S and Model X cars with 60-kilowatt hour and 70-kwh battery packs to 75kwh capacity.

Via: Fortune