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Elon Musk wants to rocket humans from city to city in 30 minutes

Part of SpaceX’s updated plan for its Interplanetary Transport System

Rendering of a rocket ship launching from a launchpad off the coast of Manhattan.
A trip from New York City to Shanghai would take 39 minutes on Elon’s new rocket ship.
Image via YouTube

Elon Musk is forging ahead with his Martian plan. Earlier today, at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, Musk announced updates on his plans to colonize Mars, which involve focusing all of SpaceX’s resources into the Interplanetary Transport System, aka the BFR, or Big Fucking Rocket, and streamlining it.

As the Verge reported, this move will render the existing Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon models obsolete, and instead utilize the BFR to launch satellites, service the International Space Station, and take passengers to the moon and Mars.

But more surprising was the proposal that came at the end of the presentation: The SpaceX CEO hopes to use the same rocket technology to fly people to far-flung cities across earth in just minutes.

“Most of what people consider to be long-distance trips could be completed in less than half-an-hour,” Musk said.

In a video rendition of what’s ostensibly to come, passengers are shown boarding a boat in New York City, then boarding a rocket on a launchpad in the water, then shooting off into the atmosphere before making their way back down to earth—this time in Shanghai. The entire trip would take 39 minutes, with the rocket traveling at maximum speeds of 27,000 kilometers per hour, or about 18,000 miles per hour. And the cost? The price of a full fare economy seat on an aircraft, according to Musk. Watch the video below.

Via: The Verge, BBC