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This 100-square-foot apartment is absurdly small—but somehow still works

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tiny apartment in Stockholm Photos by Simon Donini via Apartment Therapy

This impeccably-styled micro apartment, clocking in at just over 100 square feet, proves that anything is possible—and that big city real estate is utterly bananas.

Located in Vasastan, a central Stockholm neighborhood known for its parks, the modern unit features super high ceilings, which offers enough room for a lofted bed accessed via a ladder, along with a microwave-equipped kitchenette, cafe-style dining table for two, and lounge sofa perfect for maybe a person and a half.

The lone arched window, with enough depth for some houseplants and decor, seems to bring in enough light to give the space that covetable Scandinavian all-white look. There’s also a bathroom with large tiled walls and the most itty-bitty sink.

While the Instagrammable efficiency of the whole thing is certainly impressive, we couldn’t help but wonder: Is an 100-square-foot apartment worth dreaming about at all?

The answer is yes, apparently. This very unit went up on the market recently to immediate great interest, and has already found a buyer for the price of 2,204,000 SEK (or about $270,000)—that’s more than $70,000 above the initial asking price and equivalent to about $25,041 per square meter, making it possibly the most expensive property by price-per-square-meter in Sweden.

Take a closer look.

Via: Apartment Therapy