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Urban Outfitters Home expands to all stores in North America

To celebrate, UO Home has partnered with Lyft, offering dual discounts

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Side-by-side photo of a white pillow with drawn winky face on a bed and a round velvet pillow pouf on a rug in front of a sofa on the other side.
Winky Embroidered Pillow ($39) and Amya Velvet Pillow Pouf ($89)
Photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters

For those looking for a little edge in affordable home goods, millennial favorite retailer Urban Outfitters may soon become your one-stop shop not just for fashion but also for furniture.

Starting this week, a selection of UO Home’s popular online products will be available in every single store across the U.S and Canada. These items include bedding, tapestries, rugs, soft seating, accessories, and small furniture pieces.

And at eight flagship stores—San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, New York, Cambridge, Toronto, and Montreal, to be exact—an expanded array of larger showroom furniture like daybeds, desks, coffee tables, and sofas will also be available.

To kick it all off, Urban Outfitters has partnered with ride-hailing service Lyft to offer customers dual discounts on in-store purchases: Spend $100 or more on UO Home, show the Lyft app at checkout, then receive a 20% off your haul and 20% off your Lyft ride from the store to your home. The Bring UO Home with Lyft promotion is on now and extends through September 13.

Below are a few of our favorite UO Home decor objects to consider.

Rohini Daybed Cushion ($159).

Furry Llama Pillow ($49).
Amped Fleece Throw Blanket ($49).