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Tiny home meets treehouse in this angular backyard extension


angular backyard extension Photos via Dezeen

Combining the crafty, floating glory of treehouses with the small-space creativity of tiny homes, this detached “extension” in Brisbane, Australia is an inventive take on adding living space in the backyard.

Rising right beside a large tree, the wedge-shaped dwelling aims to add function without intruding too much on the site. To this end, a huge chunk of the ground level has been carved out for an open-air living room, complete with a climbing wall. Meanwhile, the second—more treehouse-style—level of the structure fits in a private bedroom, study area, and angular shower.

“[Brisbane backyards] tend to be overgrown, unruly spaces and are the domain of children and makeshift structures,” explained Paul Hotson of Phorm Architecture + Design, the local firm behind the project. “The ‘Treehouse’ is devised as an invitation to visit and engage with this distinct yet typically unchartered territory.”

Have a closer look below.

Via: Dezeen