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Rare UFO-shaped Futuro house is on the market for $290K

The ’60s spaceship-style is in excellent condition and is located in New Zealand

Photo of white, oval-shaped structure with oval windows propped on a based behind a fence surrounded by trees.
The rare home is one of 12 that were built in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Photos by Juanita Clearwater via Trade Me

These delightfully odd UFO-shaped prefabs from the late ’60s, called Futuro Houses, continue to pique the architectural imagination and are still found all over the world, from the U.S. to Estonia.

A couple have even popped up for sale over the years in places like New Jersey and Pennsylvania—but, unfortunately, much worse for wear.

Now, a rare Futuro home in excellent condition is on the market in the small coastal village of Warrington in New Zealand’s South Island. Originally designed in 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen as a portable ski chalet, the one-bedroom-one-bath vacation property features all the iconic details: built-in seating, oval windows, and a spaceship-like hatch door as an entrance.

The 63-square-meter (about 678 square feet) circular residence sits on a lot just over 1,000 square meters (11,100 square feet) and offers views of Blue Skin Bay. It also comes with a garage, workshop with laundry area, and a garden shed. According to The Guardian, it is one of 12 Futuros that were built in Christchurch and displayed at the 1974 Commonwealth Games. It was moved to its current location in 1975 and has been there ever since.

The owner, Juanita Clearwater, is entertaining serious offers only, looking for something in the range of $400,000 NZD, or about $288,000. But the most important consideration is whether the new owners will appreciate it as much as she has: “I want it to go to someone who, like me, has wanted one their whole life. It is time to pass it on.”

Via: The Guardian (h/t The Spaces)