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Bespoke RV hides sports car in mobile garage

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It costs a whopping $1.75 million

A large RV trailer. There is a hatch on the side that is open and has a mobile garage which is holding a sports car.
The Volkner Mobil Performance S comes with a central garage to store your sports car.
All photos courtesy of Volkner Mobil

If pop-up rooftop tents, modular campers, and teardrop trailers all seem too tiny to fit everything you want to take to camp, we’ve got an over-the-top solution. Behold the Volkner Mobil Performance S: A motorhome so large you can bring everything and the kitchen sink. Literally.

Made in Germany, the 40-foot Performance S is the ultimate luxury RV and it’s so big that we might as well call it a bus. The most extravagant amenity on this behemoth of a camper is the central garage that’s large enough to hold a Porsche, Ferrari, or a two-door Mercedes. You know, your other ridiculously expensive and impractical vehicle.

The car is carefully placed into the middle garage at the push of a button with an electrohydraulic lift that’s probably nicer than most elevators. As one might expect for the $1.75 million price tag, the Performance S is completely customizable. But standard features include a wall that slides out to provide extra space, plenty of security cameras, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

Fully equipped kitchens and multiple sleeping areas are a given, and the expensive wood and leather finishes of the RV look more like a high-end yacht rather than something you might park next to a porta-potty. You’d never use a strange bathroom, however, thanks to the motorhome’s giant stand-up shower, separate toilet, and sink with plenty of counter space.

Volkner began building the car-carrying Performance S in 2006 and has continued to add upgrades. The latest version debuted at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, a trade show where we also saw a solar-panel covered RV and a caravan that can rotate 360 degrees. Most of the over-the-top features of the Performance S remain the same, but 2018 models will include a bigger garage for the passenger car, an upgraded air conditioning system, and a greater payload.