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Minimalist treetop retreat provides panoramic valley views

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The tiny dwelling on the lower level comes with roll-up futon mattresses

treetop retreat Photos via Inhabitat

Architect Hanna Michelson, working for the Swedish firm Tham & Videgård, has whipped up a dreamy treetop retreat right in line with the firm’s minimalist, high-design aesthetic. The Loft House is a lovely timber getaway perched on the side of Sweden’s Åsberget mountain. Elevated on stilts, the two-story, 33-foot-tall structure offers extraordinary views of the valley below.

The 150-square-foot interior is quite simple, furnished with built-in furniture and paneling made of pale birch and ash. There’s a small kitchen populated with pale ceramic dishes, and a bathroom. Rather than take up living space with beds, visitors sleep on futon mattresses that are then rolled up and hung on the wall during the day. An L-shaped window seat offers space to sit and look out the large window. The walls were insulated with flax fibers—an old Nordic tradition.

The second story—above the small apartment space—is an open-air viewing deck with a 360-degree-view interrupted only by the supporting timbers. The deck is protected from the elements by a peaked roof, and its treetop-skimming height let visitors feel like they’re sitting among the branches.

Via: Inhabitat, Architizer