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Modern apartment building overlooks street with six ‘eyes’

Hello porthole windows!

modern apartment building with large porthole windows Photo by Peter Bennetts via Contemporist

This recently completed apartment building near Melbourne, Australia, looks like a gray brick cousin of Tokyo’s famous Nakagin Capsule Tower—but on a more suburban scale. Designed by BKK Architects, who’s also behind the doll house-inspired extension, the 42-unit building is faced with cubic protruding volumes capped on the street side by enormous circular windows. The exterior is covered with dark gray brick, corrugated metal, and vertically running wooden slats. The slats and circular design elements continue the building’s visual themes through the entry hall of the building.

While the exterior cubes and round windows may resemble the Capsule Tower, the interiors certainly do not. The apartments are all one, two, or three bedrooms, with open living rooms. Units at the front of the building have the benefit of ample light flooding in through the circular windows. Many units also have private balconies.

Shannon McGrath via BKK

The interior design is minimal and modern—dominated by white walls and cabinets with black accents and window frames. The building was also designed using passive house techniques, enabling greater temperature stability and control inside. The articulated facade also helps to reduce the building’s mass.

Shannon McGrath via BKK
Photo by Peter Bennetts

Via: Contemporist