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Striking skyscrapers inspired by mountains and stones rise in Beijing

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Do these buildings look like a landscape painting?

new office building by MAD Architects
Photos by Khoo Guo Jie via Designboom

Over in Beijing, China, a new cluster of buildings nearing completion could make a fine backdrop for any upcoming dystopian or otherwise out-of-this-world film. The architecture of Chaoyang Park Plaza comes from none other than Chinese firm MAD Architects, founded by Zaha Hadid protégé Ma Yansong. That would explain the swoops.

The studio, known for striking, organic piles like the Harbin Opera House and this next-level rolling apartment complex, designed this mixed-use development after traditional Chinese shan-shui paintings (that is, “mountain and water”). The landscape-inspired typology manifests foremost in the duo of mountainous skyscrapers, which also feature dramatic grooves that mimic erosion.

Besides the soaring centerpiece, which rises to a maximum height of about 394 feet, the complex also includes two curving residential buildings inspired by river stones and four smaller office buildings, covering approximately 393,700 square feet altogether.

For those keeping track, the structures, for better or worse, came out virtually exactly as shown in early renderings. While the finished result is certainly an out-of-the-box take on business district architecture, it can’t help but come off more heavy-handed than anything actually from nature. Get a closer look, below.

Via: Designboom