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These sneakers get you free subway rides in Berlin

An exclusive collaboration between Adidas and the capital’s transit authority

A sneaker with a brightly patterned heel set against a backdrop bearing the same pattern.
The design of the sneakers were inspired, in part, by the upholstery of the transit system’s seats.
Photo via Overkill

Covetable sneakers are a dime a dozen, but these new kicks, a collaboration between Adidas Originals and Berlin transit authority BVG, offer more than just comfort and style: nearly a year’s worth of unlimited travel along the city’s public transit network.

BVG will release a limited edition line of sneakers starting next week bearing a swath of the fleet’s bright, squiggle-patterned upholstery on the heel, black and yellow laces, a black-and-white striped vamp, and, arguably the most valuable part of the shoe—a tongue that features a fabric version of the BVG’s annual travel pass.

These sneaks, then, are like a free ticket to ride the capital’s subways, buses, trains, trams, and ferries just about anywhere, from January 31 to the end of 2018. While the logistics of how the shoes will work are still to be determined, the price is set at a €180, or about $215. An annual transit pass costs €728, around $871, in comparison.

Adding to their appeal, no doubt, would be the fact of their exclusivity, as only 500 pairs will be sold in just two local stores. Good luck.