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New startup updates split-flap displays for the modern home

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Vestaboard is a mechanical display that’s also WiFi-connected

modern analog display Vestaboard

For anyone who mourns the loss of analog departure boards, good news: A startup is working on bringing delightful split-flap displays right into your home. And with a modern twist!

Currently exhibiting at CES, Vestaboard has developed a wall piece roughly the size of a 42-inch LCD TV, with WiFi connectivity for arranging messages. Like recent interpretations of beloved typewriters, the Vestaboard maintains the click-clacky charm of an old-school mechanical display. The board can show up to 160 characters at once, including over 60 different letters, numbers, and symbols, plus a handful of colored pattern characters.

Messages, which can be scheduled, are controlled through a mobile app and eventually by voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration. Some simple display ideas include inspirational quotes, song lyrics, and text reminders. You can also subscribe to updates from synced apps like Google Calendar, Twitter, and Slack.

In addition to the home, the Vestaboard is angling for some attention in more public spaces like cafes and offices as well. Those uses would certainly be more fitting of its anticipated retail price of $3,495 (a CES preorder is currently running for $1,850). The company is still finalizing specs, including dimensions, and the iPhone and Android apps have yet to be released. Delivery is slated for December 2018.