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Brilliant renovation fits three generations in 484 square feet

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The architect created a “house within a house”

Beijing courtyard house renovation Photos by Boris Shiu via Designboom

Another day, another historic Beijing hutong transformed into a dreamy modern abode. Designed by architect Christian Taeubert, this 484-square-foot home was reimagined as a multigenerational dwelling for a family of six.

The original structure— built inside of a traditional courtyard—had once been used for storage and needed a major overhaul. Taeubert elected to start fresh and “build a home within a home.”

To keep the space from suffering damp walls and floors—a common complaint of historic hutongs—Taeubert had it stripped down to its bare structure and then rebuilt with ample protection from rain and leaks. Much like a passive house, the entire home is thoroughly insulated with an air-tight building envelope and a filtered fresh air exchanger.

The home’s reworked exterior is clad in a gray brick with sleek black-framed windows and a traditional tile roof. Inside, the small space manages to fit a living room, dining area and kitchen, bathroom, reading loft, and three bedrooms plus an additional sleeping loft.

Via: Designboom