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Energy-efficient modern home extends roof to shelter an Airstream

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modern house with carport for Airstream Haus via Dezeen

Sure, it’s fun to galavant around the continent in a rad restored airstream, but what happens when you hanker for the stability (and space) of a non-wheeled home? You might take a cue from Copperwood House, a modern minimalist dream home in Indiana with an extended roof sheltering the family’s Airstream camper.


Designed by the Indianapolis-based firm Haus, the 4,200-square-foot home is laid out as two intersecting, rectangular volumes clad in ash siding, concrete, and cement board.

The smaller rear wing contains two bedrooms and the master suite, while the main volume holds the bright open-plan living area and kitchen—connected to the home’s Airstream carport.

The clients—an eco-conscious family of four—wanted the home to be both modern and sustainable, so it also has geothermal heating, an efficient HVAC system, low-energy appliances, and smart controls.

Haus + The Home Aesthetic

“Before engaging the architect, the homeowner had researched prefabricated structures to protect their Airstream, but once we got into the design process, we were confident that the Airstream could provide a unique design opportunity,” said the architects.

“Its placement and turn-around became a driver of the design, quickly leading to the wing-roof structure sheltering not just the main living space, but also the covered outdoor space and Airstream dock.”

Via: Dezeen