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Victorian townhouse renovation opens dining room to the garden


Victorian townhouse with rear dining room opening to garden Photos via Inhabitat

Rear extensions to London homes are de rigeur—from oddball rain rooms to tasteful triangles. But this more traditional renovation, from London-based firm LLI Design, adds a welcome dash of modern style in a windowed kitchen extension fully opening to the garden.

Previous renovations had largely stripped original details from the Victorian townhouse in North London. But LLI’s redesign added back a number of period-appropriate elements including stained glass in the front fanlight window, and vintage black and white tiles in the entry.

The living room’s outdated cabinetry was replaced with custom built-in shelving flanking the fireplace. LLI also swapped out the old mantle for a more traditional marble one. Light herringbone-patterned floors further bridge the line between past and present.

But it’s the kitchen where the revamp really shines. The room got new pale gray cabinets with a crisp white countertop. The entire rear wall is made of large-paned windows framed in dark gray aluminum—which open fully to the garden beyond. Voila!

Via: Inhabitat