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These memo pads reveal intricate architectural models, one sheet at a time

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Tearing off the papers from an Omoshiroi Block gradually excavates mini versions of famous Japanese buildings

memo pads that reveal architectural model Triad via Spoon & Tamago

Playful paper architectural toys are on the rise, from Zupagrafika’s Brutalist cutouts to an entire book of cut-and-fold Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. But the Omoshiroi Block memo pad series from Japanese company Triad comes with a mind-blowing twist: There are intricate architectural gems are made of—and hidden inside—the 100-sheet stacks of paper.

Each Omoshiroi Block comes with tear-off sheets, laser-cut to leave behind a 3D shape. Removing each layer gradually reveals the form within. The incredible shapes in this architectural series are notable Japanese landmarks, including Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera Temple, Tokyo’s Asakusa Temple, and the Tokyo Tower.

It’s a clever way to encourage someone to use a memo pad, and leaves behind a delightful sculpture worth keeping even after all the notes have been used up. Omoshiroi Blocks also come in versions containing “objects” like a violin, camera, or dog.

Right now, Omoshiroi Blocks cost between $36 and $90 depending on the size, and they’re only available at Tokyu Hands stores in Osaka and Kyoto.

Via: Spoon & Tamago