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205-square-foot micro apartment contains everything you need

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The prototype is a collaboration between Ab Rogers Design and U+I

Scene of small lounge area with a wooden unit that incorporates shelving and steps leading to a loft bed.
The 205-square-foot apartment packs in everything you need, including ample storage.
Photos by John Short via Dezeen

As London continues to feel the crunch of the lack of affordable housing, designers and developers continue to look for new solutions. One of these ideas comes from local firm Ab Rogers Design in a collaboration with development company U+I, who commissioned a report on the social and economic benefits of compact-living in the city.

The result is a prototype of a micro apartment that measures just 19 square meters, or approximately 205 square feet. Located within the Westminster offices of U+I, the flat includes all the amenities one would require, including a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft, as well as extras like a lounge and dining area and ample storage.

To effect this efficient use of limited space, Ab Rogers created two plywood living units, each of which contains vital functions. The first and larger unit combines shelving, a staircase whose risers incorporate drawers, a lofted full-size bed, and pull-out cupboards and closets contained therein.

Within the second unit on the opposite wall, a tiled bathroom with shower is found, and on the outside of it, a tiny kitchen counter with sink, burner, microwave, and small fridge (hidden away). High ceilings also allow for large-object stowage, like luggage. A large window, white walls, and pale hardwood floors keep the tight space bright and airy.

Via: Dezeen