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Major tiny house builder unveils a shipping container model

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Escape goes container

shipping container tiny house Escape

Just a month after opening a scenic tiny house village in Wisconsin, tiny house builder Escape has unveiled another new model. Vista C is essentially the company’s popular Vista model (featuring a daybed and lots of windows) retrofitted within a standard 20-foot-by-8-foot shipping container.

There’s added insulation, of course, and the windows are double glazed. The home also has a high performance A/C heat pump to heat or cool when necessary. The model features a full-sized bed, healthy amount of storage, full-size refrigerator, range, stainless steel sink, and a bathroom with a Toto toilet and full-size shower. It can come with an optional roof deck as well as a front deck that can be automatically raised and lowered with the press of a button.

The use of a shipping container is interesting not only for the aesthetic difference (it’s a more “modern” look than your typical tiny home) but also because it means the abode can be shipped just about anywhere in the world. Towing it with a trailer is also an option still.

“Whether situated as a permanent structure or used as a traveling dwelling, it can withstand even the most remote conditions while offering the comforts of home,” said Escape founder Dan Dobrowolski. Some use cases may be as an ADU, starter home, or remote shelter.

Vista C, starting at $46,600, can come in any exterior color. Take a tour inside.