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Ultra-fancy mobile meditation studio is en route to NYC

The tricked-out tour bus has laser-cut interior walls, a massive glowing orb, aromatherapy setup, and extra A/C

mobile meditation studio Photos via Designboom

Avid meditators are in for something new: an ultra fancy mobile meditation studio contained within a tour bus. And on January 22, BE TIME will begin offering its first classes from this food-truck-for-the-mindful-set, starting with a stay at Madison Square Park in New York City.

Normally, you should say “no” to someone inviting you inside a windowless black vehicle. But this interior is worth a peek. Designed by architects Rolando Rodriguez Leal and Natalia Wrzask of Aidia Studio, the studio has white perforated paneling with laser-cut dots backlit by a built-in LED system. It looks a bit like fancy metal lace made with a hole punch.

The bus also features wooden floors, simple dark cushions, and a massive glowing orb that will try to steal your soul (kidding, it just wants to be friends). An advanced audio system helps facilitators lead guided meditations while extra air conditioners keep everyone docile and cool. Added sound insulation blocks out the outside world, and onboard generators keep everything up and running.

mobile meditation studio

“Why in a bus, you might ask?” reads the Be Time website in an unexpected moment of self-awareness. “Because that way we bring meditation to you.”

The company will offer 30-minute meditation classes from within its movable studio for a drop-in fee of $22—though your first visit is just $10. New locations will be made available at the Be Time website and on social media.

Via: Designboom