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Ikea’s modular sofa hits stores next month

The collaboration with Tom Dixon, a “platform for living,” rolls out across Europe

Scene of industrial loft with a few minimalist sofas arranged in different configurations.
The possibilities are (nearly) endless.
Photos via Designboom

Delaktig, the intriguing “hackable” sofa by Ikea in collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon, is finally launching in February in Europe (with the U.S. release coming later this summer or fall). Conceived of as an aluminum, open-source “platform for living,” the modular seating solution can be easily modified and added onto in a number of configurations suited to a variety of needs and functions.

An industrial yet lightweight aluminum base acts as the “blank canvas,” while its extruded frame is primed to be a carrier of attachments like backrests, cushions, armrests, floor lamps, and side tables.

Depending on the size of the platform, which comes in a one-, two-, or three-seat version, customers can modify Delaktig, which means “being involved” in Swedish, to act as an armchair, a makeshift desk, a chaise lounge, or a traditional sofa—with twists.

The system can even be used as a room divider, or arranged as a sectional, all just by moving elements around, or removing them, or adding more cushions. This flexibility is more in demand than ever, as homes continue to shrink in size and become more than just a place to live but also where people work and socialize.

For Dixon, the collaboration with Ikea was an opportunity to work on a larger scale while keeping his vision in tact: “I wanted to get involved in industrial production on a bigger scale. It’s about breaking out of the perceived boundaries of my trade and trying something new.”

The collection will be available in stores next month, starting at around $400, in colors including light gray, dark gray, and dark blue—all of which can be mixed and matched, of course.

Via: Designboom