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Modern lakeside home comes with a dashing boathouse

Stone, glass, black timber, and modern amenities

modern lakehouse Photos by Stephane Groleau via Dezeen

Montreal-based firm MU Architecture sure knows how to make a modern woodsy retreat. For one of their latest projects, a lakeside home near the Montreal border, the firm combined contemporary materials like black timber and glass with local granite to create a sort of homegrown modern effect.

The 4,500-square-foot house is two stories, a rectangular volume partially set into the slope of the hillside. The lake-facing side of the home features large glass windows taking advantage of the view.

From the outside, the first thing visitors notice is the home’s enormous shed roof, which is made of black metal. “From the street, the roof literally becomes a fifth facade,” said studio co-founders Charles Côté and Jean-Sébastien Herr in an interview with Dezeen. “The discreet and fascinating approach gives us the impression of sinking into the ground between a hanging garden and the house.”

Inside, the minimal interior features light wood floors with baseboards flush to the white walls. A service hallway connects the garage to the house and leads to a bathroom, laundry room, gym, and sauna. The majority of the top floor is taken up by the open-plan living room and kitchen, connected at one end to the master suite. The lower floor has two additional bedrooms.

There’s also a party in the back, in the form of a striking boathouse floating out on Lake Memphremagog. Resembling a cube made of black timber, the structure includes a metal stair for roof deck access.

Via: Dezeen