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New Ikea products coming in February have a playful ’80s vibe

Fun colors and simple shapes, but with a twist

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Colorful new Ikea products launching in February Ikea

Another day, another piece of eye candy from Ikea. The world’s largest furniture retailer isn’t one to rest on its laurels—whether it’s designing a new modular sofa or entertaining us with an ad you can pee on. The company recently released the details on the slew of new products debuting in February, and we’re here to share a few highlights.

The circular Burvik side table has, gasp, a handle! For all those times you need to carry a table around with you? Must be made for digital nomads and millennials constantly on the move.

“If there’s one thing I’d want Burvik side table to say it’s ‘Move me around!’,” designer Mikael Axelsson explains in the promotional materials. “When I designed it I was inspired by how our lives and homes look today—fluid, flexible, active—and I wanted to make a piece of furniture that’s easy to lift and move so that it can be used for many different activities.”

The new Hällan cabinets are essentially fancy metal lockers, great for that coworking space you’re starting or for stashing away personal items when renting out the apartment on Airbnb?

The Klämmig collection has a range of blankets, crib pads, and towels for babies and children—all dyed in soft hues to be on the safe side: “As much as Ikea loves colorful products for children, we do not allow dyes that are known (or even suspected) to be carcinogenic or allergenic, e.g. disperse dye, direct dye, basic dye or azo dyes.”

Krux is a lamp that slightly resembles a friendly terrier—two black knobs and eye dots adorn the shade—perfect for kids or adults who can’t have real pets.

The Stolpa and Panorera clocks do not have numbers on their clock faces, just a blank white expanse, or perhaps dots. Not good for people who tend to be late—unless you’re looking for an excuse?

There’s also a set of fine steel-and-plastic nesting tables, a nice triangular-patterned cushion cover, fun under-the-sea-themed towels, blobby pendant lights, and a new tricked-out shower head system.