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Minimalist modern treehouse built around 100-year-old oak

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You’ve gotta look inside

Photos by Marco Lavit Nicora via Contemporist

Treehouses are an ever-fascinating architectural form, whether they’re built by tech companies or 19th-century restaurateurs. But rarely do we see an authentic house-built-in-a-tree as livable and covetable as this one designed by Paris-based firm Atelier Lavit.

The clients requested an aerial retreat with the feeling of an upscale hotel room. Inspired by the look and construction of birds’ nests, the architect got to work creating a 250-square-foot space built around a 100-year-old oak.

The home’s entrance is accessed by ascending a nearby tree and crossing a 100-foot-long suspended walkway. Not for those with a fear of heights. The walkway leads to a small outdoor space surrounding the trunk, with glass sliding glass doors on either side to access the main room on one side and the bathroom and dressing room on the other.

The main living space has a sitting room with two lounge chairs facing a large window, and the bedroom, which features a built-in bed platform and dresser. The interior paneling is kept natural, and a distinct lack of clutter leaves the space feeling restful and minimalist.

Keeping with its hotel-like program, the home has no kitchen. But who needs fancy meals when there’s a roof deck providing a 360-degree feast for the eyes.

Via: Contemporist