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To bed frame or not to bed frame?

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Some say bed frames are a must, others say they’re optional

Interior of a modern studio apartment with lots of plants and a bed on the floor.
Bohemian or nah?

It all started with a tweet, as many things do these days, one that exposed an insidious lie that rom-coms peddle willy-nilly—that men have bed frames.

Though the missive hardly went viral, it was clear that more than a few people on the internet agreed with the observation or experienced it firsthand: that a lot of men sleep on just a mattress—sans bed frame—on the floor. In other words, some men can’t be bothered to appoint their bedrooms in a “grown-up” manner.

The team here at Curbed had a lot to say about that. Some of us thought it was no biggie, while others could hardly stomach the thought of sleeping on just a mattress without any extra support.

But is that so wrong? It’s certainly a bare-bones, if not deliberately bohemian, look. It’s also a matter of resources. A frame or box spring can be an added expense, and if you can live without one, then why not?

No boxspring required.

There’s also the question of what kinds of mattresses can go on the floor. Can a foam mattress simply be plopped on the floor in the same way that a traditional one can? Does it matter? Or is it a matter of preference?

So let’s say you’ve graduated to a bed frame—and no, we’re not talking about those metal frames on casters. Do you go with a flat platform, or one with wooden slats, or metal? Boxsprings or nah? Sound off, below.

Boxspring, required.
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