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Frank Lloyd Wright's final home going back on the market for $3.25M

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Circular tan-colored home nestled into mountains.
The home is back on the market with a price cut.
Photos courtesy of The Agency

The circular Norman Lykes Home, Frank Lloyd Wright’s final residential design, is back on the market in Phoenix for a lower asking price of $3.25 million. Designed just before his death in 1959 for Norman and Aimee Lykes, the home was ultimately built in 1967 by apprentice John Rattenbury.

Since then it has had just two owners, the Lykes and the current owners, who purchased it in the mid-1980s. In 1994, Rattenbury updated the interiors, which originally had five bedrooms—some as small as closets—and now has three bedrooms with a larger master suite. (All changes were approved by Taliesin West.)

The result is a stunningly preserved example of Wright’s later aesthetics, which arguably culminated in New York City’s Guggenheim museum. Emerging from the side of a mountain and framing a 180-degree-view of the landscape, the Lykes home boasts curved walls, circular and semi-circular windows and other geometric cutouts, custom built-ins, and original furniture, to name a few details.

The listing, courtesy of The Agency, goes live soon. Here’s a sneak peek.

Courtesy of The Agency (h/t USA Today)