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New Etsy shop will build a detailed Lego model of your home

But it doesn’t come cheap

custom Lego model of a home Little Brick Lane

Everyone knows that Legos are the top toy for architecture lovers, whether you’re looking to build an elaborate replica of Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie or just a tiny retro desk. But a new Lego offering on Etsy is sure to feed the obsession even further. The shop Little Brick Lane will use photos and plans of your home to build a mind-bogglingly detailed replica out of Legos.

Little Brick Lane

The builder of these scale models is Shari Austrian, who was inspired by her 7-year-old twins’ love of the interlocking blocks to start playing with them again. Then, when the family was building their own life-sized home, Austrian decided to celebrate by building a tiny version of their house.

She’s since created four Lego home models—each taking roughly 8 to 10 weeks to build—and launched Little Brick Lane at the end of last year. As for pricing, a custom Lego home with only exterior detailing costs $1,500, while both exterior and interior detailing will set you back $2,500.

In a Q&A with Apartment Therapy, Austrian shared that she recently quit her healthcare job to get into the architecture field, and is building her Lego replicas on the side. Asked about the most difficult part of a home to Lego-build, she answered: “Roof lines and, more specifically, intersecting roof lines. While the LEGO collection is expansive, it still has its limits. LEGO has not yet created some of the slopes or roof pitches often used by architects and builders.”

Do check out the full interview here.

Little Brick Lane

Via: Apartment Therapy