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Own a wing of a fabulously restored 18th-century English manor house

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Isn’t the kitchen the most exquisite thing you’ve ever seen?

Georgian manor with yellow stone, castellated facade with manicured lawns in front.
For $3.8 million, you get a major wing of the Warleigh Manor.
Photos via Pritchards

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in an old English manor but felt intimidated by the prospect of having to keep up an entire estate, then this incredible apartment in Bath, England, may be the right option for you (in your real estate fantasies).

The home occupies a major wing of the Warleigh Manor, a Grade-II listed Georgian house that dates back to 1815. It has since been carefully updated and restored and features a “castellated” facade of “mellow Bath Stone.” Its interiors are equally exquisite.

The unit in question can hardly be called an apartment. It comprises two floors and measures about 4,500 square feet and includes a master suite and three additional bathrooms (all upstairs), with an expansive reception hall, drawing room, library, and kitchen and dining on the first floor.

Beyond the gorgeous architectural elements like tall French doors, soaring ceilings, intricate molding, and other period details, it’s the home’s elegant yet fresh interior design that brings the space to life. Modern furniture and subtle color choices like grays, blues, and periwinkle in the kitchen add a vitality to the otherwise traditional space.

It’s worth noting the kitchen’s surprising color scheme because this editor cannot stop thinking about it. How forward-thinking to bring in as bold a choice as this purplish hue but limiting it to the island, a standalone storage unit, and the pendant lights?

The rest of the home is equally astonishing. Located on 2.4 landscaped grounds extending to the River Avon, it’s offered at £2.75 million, or approximately $3.8 million. (We’re still unclear on exactly how the house is divided, but we’re not gonna push too hard.)

Via: The Spaces, Pritchards