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Everything you need to get your home ready for the Super Bowl

From Ultra HD TVs to cool serving trays

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Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic coaching your fantasy football team to victory or only in it for the snacks, Super Bowl parties are fun for everyone. That is, until you’re getting ready to host one and realize you’d rather not serve chicken wings on your fine china.

From a home theater upgrade to tools that help you fry up finger foods and clean up after everyone goes home, we’ve rounded up our favorite products to make you the Super Bowl party champ.

How to watch

Super Bowl parties are all about, well, watching the Super Bowl. So if you haven’t purchased a new TV in a while, this is as good an excuse to pick up one of the new 4K “ultra HD” TVs as you’re going to get.


Samsung 4K TVs are on sale right now, and Curbed’s sister site The Verge deems them some of the best on the market. The 75-inch 4K Ultra HD QLED model is currently $3,000 off retail price and offers one of the highest picture qualities you’ll find.

Buy it here: Samsung | Amazon | Jet | B&H

If you’re not willing to drop thousands of dollars on a TV right now, The Verge recommends TCL’s SmartTV, which, thanks to 4K resolution, is close to the same picture quality you’ll find in higher-end TVs.

Buy it here: Amazon | Best Buy

Super Bowl LII airs on February 4 at 6:30 PM ET on NBC. For all the cord cutters out there, you can still watch the big game (and 80+ other channels) with the sports channel subscription service FuboTV. It has an app for most smart TVs, including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, and offers a seven-day free trial.

Sign up here:

If you don’t have a streaming device yet, the Amazon Fire TV is a good affordable pick. It’s compatible with 4K Ultra HD so you don’t lose quality. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can still watch the big game with a subscription like FuboTV mentioned above or by bundling it with an HD antenna.

Buy it here: Amazon

Food prep

The best part about the Super Bowl is all the greasy, gooey, and deep-fried appetizers you get to munch on while you watch the game (or commercials, depending on your preference). Countertop kitchen gadgets are perfect for making every messy snack food you can think of.

George Foreman Grills

The Instant Pot is an internet favorite for a reason: This countertop gadget acts as seven devices in one, though you’ll probably be using the slow cooker function most often. It’s perfect for making chili or bean dip.

Buy it here: Amazon | Target | Kohl’s

An air fryer takes most of the oil out of the frying equation, so it’s healthier and less messy than a deep frier. Use it for frozen food like fries and mozzarella sticks to get them crispier than you would in the oven. This one is an Amazon bestseller and under $100.

Buy it here: Amazon

If the idea of standing outside in February makes you shiver but you still want to serve hamburgers at your party, a tabletop grill is a great alternative. George Foreman, the king of electric grilling, makes a bestselling model.

Buy it here: Amazon | Bed Bath & Beyond | Walmart

Serve with style

Football-themed disposable servingware is everywhere in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. It kinda makes everything look like a kid’s birthday party. For a more grown-up aesthetic, go for metal and wood options that are good-looking and durable.


If you’re short on counter space, a folding table is useful for setting up snacks and drinks. The above dark wood model from Wayfair can replace your old vinyl card table.

Buy it here: Wayfair


Unless you’ve got an extra-large fridge, you’ll probably need an easily accessible place to keep drinks. A copper tub is a good solution that you can either fill with ice or keep on the porch.

Buy it here: Jet


A matching ice bucket ensures that you’re not using the same ice in your drink that people keep putting their hands in.

Buy it here: Jet

Crate & Barrel

We love this wood-and-copper tray from Crate & Barrel for serving drinks and/or finger foods that will be passed around the party.

Buy it here: Crate & Barrel


The classic chip-and-dip serving bowl gets an upgrade with another metal and wood piece. This one will need to be refilled a lot, so keep that jar of salsa handy.

Buy it here: Jet


There will be a lot of drinks floating around that will definitely leave rings on your fabulous furniture if you’re not vigilant about it. You won’t be a party pooper for reminding people to use cool coasters. We like this terrazzo set from Target’s Project 62.

Buy it here: Target

Cleaning up

This is a friendly reminder that a good vacuum is your housekeeping best friend. No matter how careful you are, at the end of the night there are going to be some crushed pretzels in your carpet.


The iconic Dyson Ball vacuum works on both carpet and hardwood and is lightweight enough to move around the house with you. The compact and well-reviewed Small Ball version is currently $100 off.

Buy it here: Dyson | Target | Best Buy

If that sounds like too much work, you can always pick up a robotic vacuum that will do all the cleanup for you. Many models now are Wi-Fi enabled so you can just tap a button on your phone to start cleaning. The classic Roomba is a good pick.

Buy it here: iRobot | Amazon | Bed Bath & Beyond

You can also instantly book cleaning professionals on Handy if the job is just too big to tackle on your own. Amazon offers something similar with their Amazon Home Services program.

Book here: Handy | Amazon Home Services