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Ultra-angular LA house is perfect for a Bond villain with taste

The grass-roofed home unfolds like an action tale

ultra-angular LA home Photos by Joe Fletcher via Dezeen

From the top, this home in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood could be mistaken for an upscale art pavilion with its perfectly manicured lawn sloping at odd angles to meet slim steps and a kiosk-like black volume.

But beneath the surface, this house is something else. Move a few steps to the side, toward the entrance, and the Barrington Residence reveals itself as a series of intersecting rectilinear planes, from the staggered edges of the concrete steps to the black window frames and deep metal overhang of the grass-covered roof above.

Designed by local firm Eric Rosen Architects, the open and ultramodern home replaced an older dwelling on the site, one that had darker interiors and poor views of the lush terrain. Rosen kept only a retaining wall and pool shell, taking cues from the site’s topography and the clients’ request for indoor-outdoor living to steer his design.

Envisioned as a series of cascading planes, the home unfolds along the slope of the site in a Z-shaped layout. The top of the “Z” holds public spaces like the entry, kitchen, and dining room. The middle houses bedrooms and a den, while the lower floor contains the children’s playroom and storage.

A modern materials palette of board-formed concrete, glass, stone, and wood keeps the space sleek with an edge.

Via: Dezeen