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Breezy modern house optimizes sunlight and views


Breezy Brazilian modern Photos by Manuel Sá via ArchDaily

This contemporary home in São Paulo’s Valley of Laranjeiras is a bright and breezy refuge designed by IDSP Arquitetos. Composed of a series of white rectangular volumes, the residence strategically provides privacy from the neighbors while framing open views to the nearby lake. The exterior is primarily covered in white plaster, punctuated by textured expanses of board-formed concrete.

The entrance to this 7,890-square-foot home opens onto a double-height living room, with light pouring in from clerestory windows on both sides. A floating staircase with a transparent glass rail leads upstairs, while a short hall connects the living room with an open dining room and kitchen.

A wall of the dining room opens up to a large terrace outfitted with a lounge and outdoor kitchen, and covered by the overhang of the second story. Large rough stone steps connect with the pool and lead down to a soccer practice field.

Upstairs are a series of private areas including a large office and five bedrooms—all with ensuite bathrooms.

“The project sought to explores ludic aspects in the compositions that alternate the apparent concrete and the white plaster, crossing the Iberian origin of the allotment with the legacy of the urban landscape of the interior of São Paulo, where the structure-fence dichotomy is so recurrent in the buildings,” write the architects.

Via: ArchDaily