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Clever camper uses folding bed and wet bath to maximize space

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It’s called a “CUV”: a caravanning utility vehicle

The new Boxdrive from Germany-based Knaus is marketed as a “Caravanning Utility Vehicle.”
All photos courtesy of Knaus

The SUV—Sports Utility Vehicle—reigns supreme in the United States, with 60 percent of new car buyers choosing an SUV over a car in 2016. Now, the RV industry is looking to capitalize on the SUV’s popularity with a camper that’s part utility vehicle, part RV.

We’ve seen this idea before with van builds that stow everything away so large Mercedes Sprinters or Ford Transits can still be used as work trucks. But Germany-based Knaus recently introduced a “Caravanning Utility Vehicle” (or CUV) called the Boxdrive.

Using a Volkswagen Crafter as its base, the Boxdrive includes a front dinette, central kitchen and bathroom, and a bed in the rear. Where the new CUV-concept comes into play is the multi-position rear double bed that can be lowered or raised to access storage space below—similar to the bed in the Winnebago Revel van.

Like other camper vans, the Boxdrive also features a wet bath with a circular door that creates a larger shower, toilet, and sink area. The compact kitchen sits across from the bathroom and boasts a two-burner stove, sink, and 90-liter fridge. LED lighting above the storage cabinetry helps you see at night, and the two front swivel cab sets can face a two-seat bench for dining.

The bed area can comfortably sleep two, and a cut-out in the center keeps side length while maintaining some free space in the middle. Storage cabinets look to provide plenty of areas to stash clothes and gear, and windows in the rear doors and on the side panels allow for plenty of light.

The Boxdrive debuted at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon in 2017 and Knaus plans to launch a first-edition model at a base price of €79,990 (approx. US$94,500). Head over here for more and check out this story for 5 other campers we wish were available in the United States.

The rear bed folds up to allow for more storage.
The front caption’s chairs swivel to create a dinette area.
The bed area sits in the rear and features a cut-out for more walking space.
The small kitchen area features a two-burner stove and lots of storage.
The bathroom area can be either a small toilet space or a larger wet bath.
The layout of the Boxdrive.