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Own this 64-acre private Scottish island for $352K

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Uninhabited by humans since 1934

private Scottish island for sale Photos via Vladi Private Islands

If you hate people and love ponies, this private Scottish island could be your perfect personal retreat. Linga is an uninhabited, 64-acre island for sale off the Shetland coast for £250,000 ($351,700).

The isle is not a cozy sort of place—averaging temperatures of around 39 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 55 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. But it’s the region’s subarctic weather and tough terrain that helped produce one of the most adorable animals in existence: the Shetland pony. Perhaps it could have the same effect on you?

The island hasn’t had human residents since 1934, but it does have sheep and a pair of idyllic roofless stone cottages approved for renovation. The local council has also granted preemptive approval for additional development on the island, including a pier, a third cottage, several outbuildings, and wind and solar power generation.

If you’re worried about too much isolation, the town of Walls—with its population of 978 and wandering bands of ponies—is a mere 1,600-foot boat ride away. Getting further afield can be a bit of a trek, with a 13-hour ferry ride from Aberdeen or Kirkwall. Or, more conveniently, there are flights in and out of Shetland’s capital, Lerwick, just half an hour’s car ride from Walls.

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