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Modern houseboats let you live your best water life

Nautilus’s houseboats offer a distinctly modern option for flexible living

Small modern houseboat on body of water with quaint village scape in background.
The Nautino Mini starts at about $128,000.
Photos via Nautilus Hausboote

How cute is this midcentury modern-inspired houseboat? Makes you want to take one out for a spin ASAP, or consider going tiny. Berlin-based company Nautilus Hausboote (the word’s even more scrumptious in German) created these two-in-one vessels to take advantage of the serenity and freedom the water provides, offering a distinctly modern option for flexible living.

Established in 2010, Nautilus offers four models of varying sizes—all customizable with a slew of options—with the eponymous Nautilus its showcase. Designated a recreational craft, it can, according to the website, “navigate almost every waterway in Europe.” Measuring approximately 13.3 meters long, or about 43.6 feet, it features foldable gangways, a convertible roof system, as well as a foldable cabin for passage through narrow locks and low bridges. The interiors provide approximately 42 square meters of living space, or about 452 square feet, and can accommodate six to eight adults as well as two children. The basic model starts at 199,000 euros, or approximately $246,000.

A rendering of the full-sized Nautilus.

The Nautino Mini is the, well, mini counterpart to the Nautilus and is by far the cutest, with a design that looks to be inspired by a retro mobile home—and the most realistic option for most people. It “unites a motor yacht with benefits of a houseboat,” and measures 8.9 meters long (about 29 feet), with an area of about 16 square meters (about 172 feet square), accommodating a couple or a small family. Sliding glass doors that open onto a deck make up the front portion of the houseboat, while the curved back holds a small kitchen and bathroom. The basic model starts at 103,000 euros, or about $128,000.

Other models include the Nautino Maxi, Nautino Adventure, Vagabund, and Ei Home. Designed and manufactured in Berlin, Nautilus houseboats even handle registration with appropriate regulatory bodies, as well as all finishing touches. They’re even available to rent. Head here for more details.

Via: Designboom