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Bare-bones tiny house with glass wall perches on stilts

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Forest House is located in the mountains of northern Vietnam

Simple wooden structure perched on a hillside on stilts.
It’s bare-bones, but still comes with electricity and air conditioning.
Photos by Handyman via Inhabitat

Another day, another minimalist nature dwelling—this time it’s perched on stilts in northern Vietnam. Designed by architect Chu Văn Đông, Forest House, as it’s aptly called, asserts itself from the side of a small edge and is propped up on stilts.

Its construction is as simple as can be: a single room with a gable roof and clad in wood, with a built-in bench that doubles as a bed, a small wood-burning stove, and a table ledge. But the best part, of course, are the windows—the all-glass full gable wall in particular, which frames mountain views and offers some of the allure of living in a glass box.

Although the very humble abode is bare-bones (but still has electricity and air conditioning), it’s a tiny-house traveler’s dream and could theoretically be replicated all over the world since it was built on a modest budget. That’s all we want anyway, isn’t it? A no-fuss place to call your own, even if for a single night, to quiet the mind and focus on what’s immediately around you.

Via: Inhabitat