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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Eppstein House is now available to rent

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After a long restoration, the Galesburg, Michigan, home is available to rent through Airbnb

Mason-block home with low roof and carport amid snowy landscape.
The Eppstein House is available to rent through Airbnb.
Photo via Airbnb

We first saw the Eppstein House in March of 2016, when it was up for sale for an asking price of $455,000. It was eventually sold for $368,000 to Marika Broere and Tony Hillebrandt, who painstakingly restored the three-bedroom in Galesburg, Michigan.

The project of bringing the Usonian back to life took just over a year, during which period the owners restored the concrete block walls, replaced mahogany paneling, updated plumbing and electrical systems, updated the bathrooms with salvaged 1950s tiles, and furnished the home with original pieces by Wright and other designers from the midcentury period. They even removed a pool that was not part of the architect’s original vision.

The result is a historically sensitive take—with modern amenities—on what was considered at the time of sale the least-expensive Wright-designed residence on the market. Now, the home is available to rent for a limited time through Airbnb. With three bedrooms and two baths, the Eppstein home can accommodate up to six guests.

Photos via The Spaces

Via: The Spaces