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These bubble tents let you get close to nature (but not too close)

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Perfect for stargazing

bubble tent for rent Bubble Tent Australia

Some people love sleeping out in nature under the stars. Others like the same thing—but minus most of the nature stuff. That’s where the Bubble Tent comes in. A similar inflatable abode first launched a couple of years ago, but the new Bubble Tent dwellings manages to add a bathroom inside, as well as organize an entire eco retreat around the clear plastic domes.

Bubble Tent Australia is glamping at its kookiest. Perched on hillsides and cliffs of the scenic Capertee Valley, the site has three secluded bubbles available for short-term stays—all built on platforms with composting toilets, running water, outdoor kitchens, and telescopes in case you want to stargaze (or check out someone else’s bubble?). One of the tents even has its own wood-fired soaking tub and an herb garden. Rates start at $310 a night.

Via: Inhabitat