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54-square-foot tiny house built on old boat trailer

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It can sort of “expand”, but only when the weather’s nice

54-square-foot tiny house Photos via Treehugger unless otherwise noted

One of the advantages of tiny house living is the option for mobility—hitching up your home and taking it with you wherever you might roam. That freedom was the motivating force behind the Terraform 3, the third micro dwelling created by builder Richard Ward of Terraform Tiny Homes.

Clocking in at just 54 square feet, the home features additional “rooms” outside of its wee interior—including an attached outdoor kitchen and a roof deck big enough for one person. In fair weather, these spaces increase the home’s usable area to 120 square feet.

“I had somebody describe my home home as Mary Poppins’ purse,” Ward explained to Derek Diedricksen of Relax Shacks. “Because the interior livable space is 54 square feet, but once you open up the back wall, the roof deck, the skylight, it expands to be about 120 square feet.”

Terreform Tiny Homes

Built atop a rusty old boat trailer, the home’s structural framing was built with 1-inch square steel to maximize interior space. Like a souped-up Airstream trailer, the home contains little more than a bed, storage, and desk (the lid of the cubed desk chair conceals the toilet). The back of the home lifts up to reveal the outdoor kitchen counter and opens up the rest of the space.

“I don’t like being indoors, so a lot of this came from wanting to be outside,” said Ward. “The only stuff that’s inside is a bathroom and desk and bed.”

Take the tour below.

Via: Treehugger