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Gorgeous timber home was designed for aging in place

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The 2,900-square-foot home takes up a single level with no steps.

Sustainable home was designed for aging in place Photos by Simon Upton via ArchDaily

This gorgeous Japanese-inspired abode in upstate New York is more than a tasteful, eco-friendly timber home. It’s part of the next generation of senior housing. Over the next two decades, older Americans are poised to dramatically reshape the housing market, with the number of octogenarians doubling by 2035—and not all of them will want to live in Margaritaville. The emerging trend is toward aging in place.

Designed by Tsao & McKown Architects, the Pound Ridge House is a perfect example. The elegant 2,900-square-foot home was made for an aging couple and takes up a single level with no steps. Rather, the front door is accessed by a gently sloping ramp from the driveway.

The home features an exposed timber frame, floor-to-ceiling-windows, and two large asymmetrical skylights which bring in ample light. The interior temperature is regulated by a geothermal heating/cooling system and radiant heated floors.

“We designed this rural retreat for an aging couple, for whom we had designed two residences prior. Working at every scale of the project, including the architecture, interiors, custom furniture, and landscaping, we had the opportunity to fully address the needs of this long-term client with whom we have worked intimately over the course of twenty years,” wrote the architects.

Via: Inhabitat, ArchDaily